abstract landscape, animal paintings and drawings,
visual investigations into the psyche and art by commission


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Hope Spragg is an artist, mother and preschool teacher in Iowa City, Iowa. She graduated from The University of Iowa in 1999 with a bachelor's in art education. She spent a decade in Asheville, North Carolina, producing, directing and acting in local theatre and having babies (2). Her mother and sister's family still live there, securing its place in her heart as a second home.

Her art is inspired by the natural world- landscapes and animals, as well as the internal world of thought, spirit and mood. Color is often the language connecting the inner and outer visual relationship, creating hyper-color abstractions. Hope works with acrylic paints, encaustic wax and soft pastel. She is thrilled to work in a studio space at PS1, an artist-led community art space.





Start with an idea, big or small and we commission a painting for a specific space in your home or business. Each commission is different, but not as complicated as you might think!

  • Choose the size of your piece.

  • I work from photographs or described imagery.

  • Pick out 3-5 images of art that inspire you, as a reference point for color and composition discussion.

  • Choose a deadline. 

  • If you want, receive pictures as your personalized artwork progresses.

  • See sales page for pricing.

Email for original or print availability

Iowa City, IA 52245, USA

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