Random Gift of Art Request

On December 10, 2020, I am launching an art giveaway to spread the love!❤️ To celebrate, this inaugural month I will giveaway 12 prints! I hope to keep this going on a regular basis, giving away at least one print a month in 2021. Here is how it goes:


  • Do you know someone who could use a random act of kindness?

1. Think of a person who would benefit from a random gift of art.

2. Sign-up to reserve a free print and enter details for delivery.


**Gifts are wrapped, giclée print mounted on 4"x4" panel,

ready to hang 


  • Who qualifies for a free art gift?

 We all do. This is meant to generate giving to someone you might not normally gift, someone who didn't make the gift affordability cut this year or simply someone whose spirit would be genuinely lifted by a random act of giftiness: a neighbor, a teacher, a child who needs a gift for a parent, yourself, your friend, your mom’s friend etc. -

  • How much is it?

Free, plus free delivery -


  • How will the recipient know who it's from?


The gift will be wrapped in brown paper with a short note of your choosing. The gift can specify who it is from or it can be anonymous like "Secret Santa" or "Random Gift of Kindness - Tag, You're IT!"

December 2021 Sign-Up Genius to participate:


2021 Request Form

Print option

Thank you for participating in my random acts of art!