I am inspired to start a blog.

*Hush and anticipation hung like a thick fog over east Iowa City and beyond*

Speaking of fog, while my inspiration and motivation to create art run wild, it is the sitting to the task that can stall me for hours, or admittedly- days. Once warmed up, I could run a marathon. More on the intersection of art, running and yoga later, hopefully. I've got goals, people! If I've learned anything, Big Goals start with small goals and the mouse on the wheel in my head wants to make it public.

Friends near and far, across the inter webs, are a big motivator for me. I will be happy if one person follows me on the first challenger. *Here's looking at you mom.* Now, I will list my fears and self-criticism, which will totally be an incomplete list. By listing my fears, I hereby release them into the bowels of the internet and move onward.

1. Somebody already created @50birdschallenge.

2. Bird challenges are stupid. Everybody already painted all the birds.

3. What if I don't complete my own challenge?

4. I'll probably step on all sorts of intellectual property toes.

5. I will be wrong. I will get a bird wrong. I'll either name it wrong or paint it wrong.

6. Upon writing this, I literally don't know the difference between an @ and a #. Mostly, I use them like pre-punctuation meaning, "mom joke incoming!"

7. What if I can't draw a bird? Or an interesting bird?

But I'm gonna look that up and I'm going do it anyway. May the hanging fog can lift and we can all make some freaking art. Yay!

#50Birdschallenge Invitation:

You are invited to join my challenge! Everyone's a maker and maker's have to make...

Artists, doodlers, writers, chefs: Calling all makers for a creative, quick 50 daily challenge.

Life happens, it's real and so is this- so drop in, drop out, come back at anytime.

1. Create something inspired by the state bird of the day: a drawing, a cartoon, a poem, etc. Post it. Wash, rinse and repeat every day for 50 days.

2. The state bird of the day will be posted at 5 AM CST. The order of birds will be when that bird's state entered the union. This is to mix things up, remind me of a little U.S. history and increase the probability that I will make a mistake or spark political banter.

3. Here are the birds, thank you

Alabama -Yellowhammer Alaska - Willow Ptarmigan Arizona - Cactus Wren Arkansas - Mockingbird California - California Valley Quail Colorado - Lark Bunting Connecticut - Robin Delaware - Blue Hen Chicken Florida - Mockingbird Georgia - Brown Thrasher Hawaii - Nene Idaho - Mountain Bluebird Illinois - Cardinal Indiana - Cardinal Iowa - Eastern Goldfinch Kansas - Western Meadowlark Kentucky - Cardinal Louisiana - Eastern Brown Pelican Maine - Chickadee Maryland -Baltimore Oriole Massachusetts - Chickadee Michigan - Robin Minnesota - Common Loon Mississippi - Mockingbird Missouri - Bluebird Montana - Western Meadowlark Nebraska - Western Meadowlark Nevada - Mountain Bluebird New Hampshire - Purple Finch New Jersey - Eastern Goldfinch New Mexico - Roadrunner New York - Bluebird North Carolina - Cardinal North Dakota - Western Meadowlark Ohio - Cardinal Oklahoma - Scissor-tailed Flycatcher Oregon - Western Meadowlark Pennsylvania - Ruffed Grouse Rhode Island - Rhode Island Red South Carolina - Great Carolina Wren South Dakota - Ring-necked Pheasant Tennessee - Mockingbird Texas - Mockingbird Utah - Common American Gull Vermont - Hermit Thrush Virginia - Cardinal Washington -Willow Goldfinch West Virginia - Cardinal Wisconsin - Robin Wyoming - Western Meadowlark

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